As a newly minted non-profit in 2013, the Center piloted a mindfulness program with CSLA, a local public magnet school. Although the program was well-received, the Center was an all volunteer effort at that time and did not have the person-power to sustain and grow the program.

Fast forward just a few years and we find that teacher stress is at an all-time high and student stress is on the rise. A mindful classroom can allow both teachers and students to focus their attention, lower their stress and form relationships from a place of greater self-awareness, empathy, understanding, kindness and compassion.

In 2017, after relocating the organization to Main Street and hiring it’s first Executive Director, the Center Board again focused its goals on serving schools, this time, using the Mindful Schools curriculum to train a cohort of teachers at Hillcrest and Calvin Donaldson Elementary schools. Interest has grown and the Center has taken the next step, to design a more comprehensive program to work with teachers to develop their mindfulness so that they can, in turn, transform their classrooms. We unveiled this program at Catalyst 2018 and are excited to be piloting this program in Fall of 2018!