In the Community

The Center for Mindful Living is excited to announce our new Outreach Programs all encompassing and addressing what our community is facing today. The Center for Mindful Living is a 501c3, non-profit organization, based in Chattanooga dedicated to providing mindfulness pathways to people and the community through education, practice and partnerships. Mindfulness is becoming more of our every day culture to foster better health, awareness, intention and positive interaction but the impacts are not only with our individual selves but beyond that, it carries into the relationships that we have with others (personal and professional) enhancing and impacting whole communities. Once a mindful culture exists this leads to more compassion and empathy and not only transforms individual lives but whole communities. In organizations, educational institutions and businesses a mindful culture isn’t only seen in benefits with individual employees, it is seen across the board with increases in productivity, retention, recruitment and decreases in healthcare costs, etc. The Center for Mindful Living wants to be a part of something bigger for our community, something that makes our community better for all.

All of our programs are centered around one common theme: Creating a mindful culture and falls into 5 major categories with various program topics falling under each category.

At home
in your daily life
in relationships
as a family
as parents
with children
in the workplace
in leadership training
during a crisis
during COVID-19
as a teacher
in your classroom
in our schools
General/Mental Health
during stress/anxiety/depression
chronic pain

Programs can also be customized to specific topics/needs as we have a vast network of practitioners with varying degrees of experience. Please let us now how we can best serve you.

For more information and to request an Outreach Program Request Form to begin the process please contact Stephanie Wilkins, Executive Director, Center for Mindful Living, 423-486-1279 or [email protected]