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The Center for Mindful Living offers daily Mindfulness Practice Programs that introduce you to mindfulness and also support your practice of mindfulness. All Mindfulness Practice Programs are FREE to members and may be attended on a drop in basis. The non-member drop-in price is $10.

ONLINE OFFERING: Guided Meditation + Community Time March 31

3/31/2020 from 6:00 PM to 6:45 PM ET

This is a Dana* based class. We will have a few donation options once you register or if you want to offer a different amount, please register as free and donate HERE by selecting an existing amount or choose the "other" category. All the proceeds will go to the Center for Mindful Living. Led by Janka Livoncova.

We will meet on Zoom platform. You will be sent the Zoom link once you register. We will practice together for 30 minutes. After that, we will listen and share from our hearts about the joys and challenges of integrating our practice in daily life. Different practices will be offered, such as Concentration, Mindfulness, Lovingkindness, Equanimity, Compassion and Joy. The format of the class might change as the needs of our community change. This class is appropriate for new as well as experienced meditators.

*For those who are new to dana practice, please read the following: 
Practically speaking offer what you can. Please join us even if you are not able to offer anything, your presence matters now more than ever.

Janka about dana: Dana is the time-honored practice of expressing gratitude through generosity. Dana or generosity, the practice of giving and receiving, is the heart and foundation of the Buddhist path. The Buddha taught generosity as a means of liberating our hearts, transforming clinging and encouraging non-attachment. It is a practice that has traditionally guided retreat and dharma centers in my lineage, where teachers have relied on the generosity of others in offering their teachings. One of my deepest aspirations is to continue to introduce and bring the practice of Dana into our community and to share the Buddha’s teachings with all who are interested, regardless of their ability to pay.

Registration for this event is closed.


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