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Under Pressure: Mindfulness Workshop for Teens

1/26/2019 from 12:30 PM to 4:30 PM ET

Growing into the healthiest version of ourselves is sustained by daily choices. In our teenage years, our attention is pulled in many directions and deciding how to create a healthy life that we want to live can be confusing and feel like another homework assignment - a have to not a want to. Add high stakes testing, college applications pressure, game day jitters or opening night performances and it can feel like too much sometimes.
This course is designed to educate teens on how simple, daily practices support the health and resilience of our minds and bodies. Our aim is to explore the ways we can balance our physical, emotional and mental stress levels using practical meditation tools, mindful movement, breathing exercises and contemplative writing.  Designed to kick-start the school year, this four-hour workshop provides each student with a toolbox from which a meaningful personal practice can be built.
This workshop will include:

  • Introduction to our brain-body connection
  • stress-relieving exercises
  • mental reset practices
  • postures that promote focus, concentration, and ease
  • healthy communication tools
  • self-reflection

Led by Maggie White.  Maggie moves wholeheartedly in the direction of body, mind & spirit Well-Being. As a wild at heart spiritual explorer and athlete, Maggie prioritizes self-disciple, curiosity, and radical honesty, as well as her true love of immersing in nature. Fueled by her lifetime of lessons and 16 years of formal yoga studies, Maggie’s offerings include wellness and mindfulness classes for youth, yoga workshops and trainings for diverse practitioners, as well as curating transformational experiences and retreats in self-development, nature-based education, and engaged living practices aimed at well-being of body, mind, and spirit. She has been teaching Notre Dame High School students and athletes for the past 6 years and is excited to be able to offer this workshop to the general public. 

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