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Where the Wild Garden Grows: A Moon Journey

11/11/2018 from 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM ET

Join with a community of other women as Tessa Cadet guides us on a journey through the Archetypes to embrace the joy of being female. Reconnect with the rhythms of your body and its energy, learn about the biological, emotional and spiritual aspects of womanhood and create personal practices that cultivate positive self regard. We will:
  • learn about the relationship between the seasons, moon cycles and our own menstrual cycle,
  • explore the nuances of masculine and feminine energy,
  • experience practices that help us set intentions and release fear to tap into our creative feminine power.
Tessa Cadet is a Professional House Parent, working with children and families in crisis in Chattanooga, where she counsels families to heal traumas or displacement within the family structure.  She has a background in Fine Arts, with an emphasis on Education and Women of West African Culture and has done post graduate work in Family Counseling. She began her own education into the feminine after the birth of her two daughters, rectifying her own lack of understanding of the cultural and spiritual value of the divine feminine and our historical connection with femaleness. She facilitates Sacred Women's circles in Chattanooga. 

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