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The Health of Our Energy: A 5-Week Online Series
This event takes place on the following dates
8/20/2020 to 9/17/2020 from 6:00 PM to 7:15 PM

Let Silence Take You to the Core of Life – Rumi

The health of our energy determines the health and quality of our life. The purpose of this five-week course is to serve and increase the health and happiness of participants. We will explore a series of topics related to the subject of energy itself and to how it can promote our wellbeing, expand our awareness, and raise our level of consciousness.

Overview topics include: Visible and Invisible Energy, Consciousness as Fundamental, The Relationship of Body and Mind to our Spirit. Topics related to ways we can advance our health, happiness, and overall wellbeing include: Knowledge versus information, Struggle versus Suffering, Pampering versus caring, The Power of Thought, The Practice of Self- Assessment, and A Life Lived in Meditation.

Each session will include a qigong exercise to revitalize our energy. Sessions will conclude with a short meditation to ground our spirit in the silence and stillness of the Universal Life Force.

Led by Eileen Meagher. Dr. Eileen Meagher received her PhD in Rhetoric and Communication Theory from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in 1979. She subsequently joined the University of TN as a faculty member. Eileen has always been interested in the intersection of science, consciousness, and human wellbeing. For 14 years she studied with Grand Master of Qigong, Chunyi Lin. In 2009, she was named a Master Healer by Master Chunyi Lin. She teaches levels I and II of Spring Forest Qigong and conducts regular practice sessions. Subsequently in 2011, she began to study with acknowledged “healer” Mahendra Trivedi who aligned with scientists to rigorously test the outcome of his “healing” power. His work known as the Trivedi Effect is explained on his website: Nine years later, she continues to receive and benefit from Mr. Trivedi’s biofield energy treatments. Her own healing abilities have magnified and her work has also been tested by scientists. The results of that testing can be seen on her website: Testimonials about Eileen’s work can be found on her website: Thanks to her training in qigong and the gift she has received through the Trivedi Effect, it is with gratitude and joy that Eileen works to help others be blessed with wellbeing in every area of their lives.

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