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Conscious Breathing for Yoga and Wellness

2/22/2020 from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM ET

The conscious breathing practices of yoga have historically been thought of as mainly esoteric theory within the mainstream society.  Thankfully, scientists and researchers have been studying these practices and have been able to prove the incredible benefits that conscious breathing has on our overall health and well being, beyond the scope of a classical yoga practice. 

In this workshop, Debbie Parsons will share valuable information behind the breathing practices within the ancient philosophy of yoga in the hopes of opening a door to better understanding and therefore a better experience with conscious breathing techniques.  There will be both lecture and practice in this workshop, breaking down the common yoga breathing practices as well as experiencing a complete “pranayama” practice.

You will want to where comfortable clothing, bring layers if you tend to get cold easily, and have a moderately empty stomach.

About the instructor: Debbie Parsons has been instructing yoga for over 13 years in FL, CO and now in lovely TN.  She has made a career out of teaching the gentler side of yoga focusing on teaching to beginners and those that have physical limitations.  She loves introducing the practice of yoga to new students and her classes have been described as nurturing and mindful.  Her two main influential teachers are Max Strom and Michael "Yoganand" Carroll, both are masters in breath work and mindful posture practices.  Debbie thoroughly enjoys both the practical and spiritual sides of yoga claiming there is truly a practice within yoga that anyone and everyone can gain in health and happiness in their life. 

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