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Meditation on Mandalas - Aboriginal Dot Painting

3/16/2019 from 1:00 PM to 2:15 PM ET

Found all over the world throughout history, mandalas are circle-based designs associated with centering, meditation and sacred space. Come join artist/art therapist Jas Milam for a series of Meditations on Mandalas - a unique meditation experience for the visually-oriented. Each session will include a brief teaching and demonstration followed by hands on (not messy) mandala design, color or collage project. Participants may choose to add mandala making to their home practice or just enjoy the peaceful energy of community art making. No special skills or training required. All materials provided.

This month, we will explore the Aboriginal dot painting. The Aboriginal people of Australia believed that their souls traveled outside their bodies during sleep to a dreamtime parallel universe. Their dot paintings were
maps of this created during an altered state generated through sound (didgeridoo) and repetitive process (dot technique). Participants will borrow this idea and make a couple of these dot mandala stones to native music after viewing a presentation on these Indigenous Australians.

Jas Milam is a working artist and a professional art therapist. She did her undergraduate studies in early childhood development and studio art at Sarah Lawrence College and received her Masters of Art and Art Therapy from Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College in 2010. Jas sees children, teens, adults and couples at her studio, DAILY PRACTICE and offers group therapy for adults at Focus Healthcare and her studio. Her work with children, teens and adults is informed by years of art making, deep Jungian roots and almost 30 years of personal recovery. Jas believes in the healing inherent in the creative process and makes art that draws on both religious and secular imagery.

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